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The Legend Sporter stock is a proprietary design made exclusively for me by McMillan Fiberglass Stocks, Inc. These stocks are available in both RIGHT and LEFT hand versions. Both versions are specifically made for the Winchester Model 70 standard G series, 308 Length G series Model 70 and Pre-64 Model 70 actions. These stocks have also been successfully used for the Dakota 76 and the Montana 1999 actions.

This stock has a straight comb with .550 drop from the centerline of the bore at the nose of comb and heel. The stock comes out of the mold a 14 " LOP  and was designed with CAST ON for the Left Hand stocks and CAST OFF for the Right Hand stocks at both the heel and toe. The fore-end is 10" in length, pear shaped in cross section and will comfortably accept a # 5 barrel contour with a .750 muzzle diameter. Each stock has a shadow line cheek piece and is checkered with four panels at 20 lines per inch. The Left Hand stock was designed to accept a Right Handed barreled action as well. Unless otherwise requested these stocks have no ejection port or bolt notch cut outs lending further versatility to the end user. 

As a general rule these stocks are inlet for the standard Winchester 3 piece Floor-Plate and Trigger Bow assembly. This inletting configuration can be easily modified to the 1piece inletting footprint if required or the stock can me special ordered for a variety of aftermarket assemblies. Please note that the rear depth of the current factory "G" series magazine box must be reduced in height by approximately  .060 and the rear notch for the trigger bow tab on the magazine box must also to be deepened to allow the floor plate and trigger bow assemblies to properly fit when using this stock. 

These stocks are available in both McMillan's carbon fiber Edge shell or with the standard fill or magnum fill fiberglass construction. The Edge shell can also be special ordered with standard of magnum fill fiberglass as well. I recommend the Edge construction for those looking for a lighter weight rifle as these stocks typically reduce the finished rifle's weight 8 to 9 oz. compared to the standard fill fiberglass stock. I only recommend using the standard Edge stock on cartridges up to and including the 300 Winchester Magnum. 

 For current availability or to place a specific order please contact me directly

At this time I do not offer any 100% barreled action installation services, painting options, recoil pad or swivel stud installations. This stock is not sold as a "bolt on & go" accessory and does require fitting by an advanced hobbyist or competent professional. 


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