Scope Base & Ring Alignment Tool

$ 137.00

This tool was developed to allow the fast and accurate re-alignment of my scope bases on the receiver of the rifle during the rifles construction and accuracy test. This product is also a necessity whenever the end user wants to change their rings from a pair of 1" to a pair of 30-mm rings. The tube is made from precision ground shafting and has two slots machined through the tube at each end to allow easy access to the scope base screw holes. With the rings lower base half lightly snugged to the top of the receiver, the tube is placed into the lower ring halves which then aligns both the front and rear ring in-line with the receiver and the bar. The bases are then tightened to the proper torque setting through the slots on the tube. This same tool can be used for a variety of scope mounting applications such as re-mounting Dual Dovetail rings that are turned into the corresponding bases and then lapped. Instead of using the actual scope this alignment tube can be used to pivot a dovetail front ring into the correct front base and then by mounting the rear windage screw base onto the tube you can tighten the rear ring in place on the base without potentially marring the scope. Please contacted me directly for further details and uses. Shipping is included in the price listed below. USPS will be used whenever possible to anywhere in the USA. Please call the shop directly for all international orders.


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