Current production Winchester Model-70 Floor-plate & Trigger Bow Assembly

$ 649.00

This elegant 3 piece Floor-Plate and Bow assembly is the same bottom metal I use on my Classic and current Model 70 Legends. These assemblies are available for the G series Long and Medium length actions in both 4130 Chrome-Moly steel and 17-4 Stainless steel. They come unpolished and in the white with an excellent machined finish. This assembly was not designed as a drop-in replacement part the standard Winchester factory rifle, rather as an up-grade custom component. The 3 piece style assembly allows for narrower stock dimensional width on either side of the floor-plate when compared to current 1 piece "cage" assemblies. 

Please note that the factory trigger lever will require being reduced in width to .250 to fit in this trigger bow slot. Modification is also required to the factory magazine box by a competent practitioner of the trade.




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