Legend Rifles



Introduced in 1996, the Legend rifle has set a new standard of excellence that is acknowledged by discriminating big game hunters around the world. Its distinctive appearance, style and balance are now a benchmark in the industry. These rifles are a thoughtful combination of traditional craftsmanship and evolving technologies. Like our Classic rifle's they include features and components that are unique to this shop. As with any truly custom rifle, each Legend is assembled individually and thoroughly tested at each stage of production. Synthetic-stocked rifles obviously lack the dramatic impact of a beautiful French walnut stock, however, the sophisticated style of the Legend stock conveys an elegance that is unmatched by any other Model 70 synthetic stock on the market. The attention given to cosmetic details is obvious, and also contributes greatly to the overall impression of unusual quality.

 Simply stated, the Legend is dependable, rugged and accurate.


Look at our Legend Heavy Sporter or our Legend Standard Sporter for more information


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